David Livingston, collaborative mural 2016

On the tail end of the Tupper legacy mural, I was contacted by their feeder school David Livingston primary. This school is closely affiliated with Tupper and some of the teachers and members of the PAC committee were very interested in having their students help to create an original mural that could be connected with the Tupper wall. This would accentuate the idea of community and allow for the primary students to take part in beautifying the neighbourhood. For the first time, I was asked to conceptualize a piece that would be a collaboration with every student in the school, more than 300. Theming the mural after the West Coast environment and the changing seasons, I again invited artist Jerry Whitehead to help me achieve the large task of working on a relatively small wall with so many students. Recognizing that there was easily enough work for everyone to do as long as contributions were kept small, we decided that students could best help by choosing from predetermined colours, images and stencils. Many did background fills, many did stencilling, some did freehand painting. This allowed the kids to be creative within boundaries and taught them how to collaborate. The 8'x32' mural is now installed in the foyer of the school and it helps to create a very welcoming and warm space in the old building. 

There is a write up about this project on the VSB website



Sir Charles Tupper, legacy mural 2015

Some of the teachers and community members have been working hard to turn the once dangerous throughway behind Tupper secondary into a safe and welcoming place. What was once a hangout for gangs is now community garden and thriving green space. To commemorate this change teachers Cathy Kool and Marty Dolan decided that a large mural on the backside of the school was in order. After receiving a grant from the  Betty Wellburn Artistic Legacies Committee, the school approached me to direct the project. For 4 months I worked closely with the Tupper, gr 10,11,12 art students to conceptualize, plan and paint a mural that would communicate this area as an inviting, positive and welcoming space for all. We had a quote from Mao Jomar Lanot, a student who was killed while playing ball in this area in the early 2000's. “Culture is the root of our lives, and love is the most powerful force.” as our inspiration. Myself, artist Jerry Whitehead and roughly 100 students took to painting a mural that is 320'x16' on rough stucco texture. The mural takes up the entire backside of the school from end to end and ground to roof. It incorporates images that are relevant to the school, the community and it's cultural diversity. Also many of the images were created by students. 

There is a brief right up about this mural on the VSB website


Expressive self Portraits 2015

Getting to return and work with the Athena students at Windermere Secondary is always lots of fun, they are an art focussed bunch who are extremely capable. For this short project we made expressive self portraits with abstract backgrounds and multi layer stencils. I was super happy with how this project turned out and I think that the students were too. 




Dwellings 2013

This was a multi facetted 7 month residency with Windermere Secondaries Athena program. Funded by Windermere and the ArtStarts program, I worked with artists Corey Bulpitt, Morgan Green and Flick Harrison, along with teacher Laura Treloar, to fully explore our heritage and our environments with the students in a series of art making and experience based projects. I directed the Windermere students in leading a peer based buddy project in collaboration with MacDonald Elementary school. The students explored a traditional art making technique from a culture that they were interested in. They then created an art piece where they implemented that technique, using their creations as teaching tools, they educated the rest of the class on that practice and it's cultural relevance. Another facet of this project was site specific sculptures. This time the students were taught about site specific, kinetic works of art and how they can be immersed in the natural environment. As groups they worked to conceptualize and create kinetic sculptural pieces that interacted with the elements in a ravine near Windermere School. Careful not to disturb or permanently alter the ravine, the students created and installed art pieces like a disco ball to reflect sunlight through the forrest, a waterwheel to exhibit kinetic energy, chimes, boats, swings and compostable organic sculptures. The students used phones and Ipads to record the ravine and then the footage was edited into a short video. All non-compostable sculptures were then removed. 

This project was on display as part of the Dwellings exhibit at the ArtStarts gallery in Vancouver.





art in the courtyard 2013

As an extended residency funded by Artstarts and Winderemere high school, I worked closely with educator Laura Treloar and her grade 8 Athena class to create a large 8 foot tapestry. Over 3 months I taught the kids various print making techniques including stencil, linocut and image transfer as well as hand embellishing, drawing and painting. The kids referenced victorian botanical journals and worked from photographs that they took in the schools courtyard and surrounding community.  The final project hung as part of the Sense of Place exhibition at the Artstarts gallery in Downtown Vancouver on Richards street. 

Read more about the Sense of Place exhibition here Sense of Place

“Art in the Courtyard: A Botanist’s Journey” (Textiles, photography, printmaking, photo-transfer, needlepoint, drawing, painting, design)

Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver, BC with artist Brent Clowater

Britannia earth to food mural project 2013

Earth To Food at Britannia community centre was a project that focussed on working with the Out of School care to revive a section of the courtyard. For the mural aspect of the Earth to Food project, I worked closely with a group of school aged children to develop and complete an 8 x 16′ forest mural. It was a total collaboration all the way through. This work can be seen permanently mounted on the South Side external wall of the pool building at Britannia, on Commercial Drive. Documentation of the project can be seen here. Britannia earth to food

Transformation mural 2012

This mural was completed in May 2012. It is a transformation themed butterfly mural that I painted in collaboration with the students of MacDonald elementary school. Co-created and painted with artists Richard Tetrault and Nhan-Doc Nguyen. The mural spans the 180 foot retaining wall at the Pender street entrance of the East Vancouver public school and It features over 100 butterflies painted in various styles. It symbolizes re-emergence and growth. The project was funded by the Vancouver School Board and documentation of the process is available for viewing on the VSB website. Most photo credits go to the VSB

Layers: Exploring Nature’s Uniqueness through Printmaking 2012

Experiment with printmaking and explore your own Sense of Place. Learn how to create a series of multi-coloured layered prints using found textures from the BC landscape - seashells, driftwood, leaves and more - and add a personal touch by embellishing the images by hand. You’ll leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind book of prints created by you and your friends. Please bring a smock or come dressed in your get-messy clothes!

This was a kids workshop that i offered at the Artstarts gallery as part of Culture Days 2012

read more about this workshop here Layers

Crofton House watercolour workshop 2012

In 2012 I was given the opportunity to teach 2, grade 12 watercolour workshops at Crofton House senior girls school in Vancouver. The workshops centred around watercolour painting and consisted of a brief but in depth description of the drawing and painting techniques that I use to create my art.

To read more about this workshop please visit Crofton House school