Sept 22nd, figuring things out.

my hands are too big for this phone. so crazy autocorrect mistakes are inevitable and I doubt I'll do much editing. I moved to Calgary with Michelle may 11th 2017 my sister's birthday. It's now sept 21st. It's been a few months but I've been busy, I toured around a lot this summer. Michelle and I are always looking for hidden gems, I really love Fernie. I've found that since getting here river park has been kind if my central spot in the city. I'm there at least twice a day with my dog and I look forward to it in the morning. We live in chinook area so it's close by. Glenmore park is beautiful too but not so dog friendly. Sue Higgans park on Southland and Deerfoot is also an amazing spot if you've got a dog. We checked out last weekend. I think it was Sept 15th. The giant fire breathing snake was incredible and there was also kind of an all ages rave. we rolled to Charbar, good food butit's super pricey, but the food is good, they have a 100$ steak. I've been painting lots and I walked all through Calgary on Tuesday and shot 200 plus photos. i also met Karen from she has a good thing going on I think she would be cool to do some work with. Michelle and I are going to collaborate more too. all the time murals and makeup and that's really all I can think about. Ihave an idea for an abstract style based on architecture. I have to check out more art events In the city and I need studio space. we  both do. I'm laying in bed and my hands are numb so that's  good sign to stop. goodnight